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GlobalScape Secure FTP Server Buffer Overflow

This exploit code is for a buffer overflow vulnerability in GlobalScape Secure FTP Server. The code is written in Python and is designed to overwrite the EIP (Extended Instruction Pointer) register. It sends a malicious buffer to the server and then connects to port 4444 on the victim machine. This code can be used to gain unauthorized access to the victim machine.

joomla component com_mytube (user_id) Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute SQL queries on the database without the need for authentication. By injecting malicious SQL code into the 'user_id' parameter, an attacker can retrieve sensitive information from the database.

Setuid ARPUS/ce exploit

This code is a setuid ARPUS/ce exploit that can be used to escalate privileges on a system. It overwrites the /etc/ld.so.preload file, which can severely impact the system. The exploit takes advantage of a vulnerability in the ce program, which drops privileges under certain conditions. By exporting a faulty display, the program does not drop privileges, allowing the attacker to gain root access.

OpenSiteAdmin 0.9.7 BETA Remote File Include Vulnerability

The OpenSiteAdmin 0.9.7 BETA version is vulnerable to remote file inclusion. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by injecting a malicious file path in the 'path' parameter of the 'pageHeader.php' file. This allows the attacker to include and execute arbitrary files on the server.

Quiksoft EasyMail 6 (AddAttachment) Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit

This exploit takes advantage of a remote buffer overflow vulnerability in Quiksoft EasyMail 6. The vulnerable method is AddAttachment. The latest version of the software does not support this method. The exploit was created out of boredom and interest sparked by a similar post. For more details, refer to the advisory at http://www.bmgsec.com.au/advisory/48/.

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