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Unreal Tournament 2004 “secure” Overflow (Win32)

This is an exploit for the GameSpy secure query in the Unreal Engine. This exploit only requires one UDP packet, which can be both spoofed and sent to a broadcast address. Usually, the GameSpy query server listens on port 7787, but you can manually specify the port as well. The RunServer.sh script will automatically restart the server upon a crash, giving us the ability to bruteforce the service and exploit it multiple times.

Zinf Audio Player 2.2.1 (PLS File) Stack Buffer Overflow

This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the Zinf Audio Player 2.2.1. An attacker must send the file to victim and the victim must open the file. Alternatively it may be possible to execute code remotely via an embedded PLS file within a browser, when the PLS extention is registered to Zinf. This functionality has not been tested in this module.

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